Comparing Application Methods and Equipment for Electronics Encapsulation

Explaining ASTM D3359: Adhesion Testing for Conformal Coatings

How to Remove Conformal Coatings in 3 Simple Ways

A Look Into our New Facility In Pune, India

3 Methods to Prevent Circuit Board Cobwebbing

Encapsulating for PCBs: How to Choose the Right Method

Prevent Conformal Coating Bubbles by Fixing Common Application Errors

Toluene-Free Conformal Coatings: Alternatives to Aromatics

Developing Conformal Coatings for the 21st Century: An Ever-Changing Landscape

Tired of Masking Conformal Coating Applications?  Try Selective Dip Coating Instead

Ruggedization of Electronic Circuits? Encapsulation is One of The Best-kept Protection Secrets

Counterfeit Conformal Coatings: A Real Problem with Real Consequences

Sharp Edge Coverage: Solving 3 of the Biggest Problems Facing Modern Conformal Coating Application

Maximum Durability and Flexibility: UV550 LED-Curing Conformal Coating

UV Curable Conformal Coatings: THIN IS IN!

To Clean or Not To Clean Before Conformal Coating

The Next Stage of Total PCB Protection: Sharp Edge Conformal Coatings

Don’t Overlook Clean, Dry Air When Using Conformal Coatings

Optimizing UV and LED Curing Ovens with Radiometers

UV and LED Curing Oven Calibration Using a Radiometer

Unpacking the Rising Popularity of LED Curable Conformal Coatings

Get the Best Results When Manual Brushing Conformal Coatings

Complete Guide to Viscosity Part 2: Measurements and Devices Explained

Adhesives for Electric Vehicle Motors: Performance and Protection

HumiSeal® UV20Gel: Durability and Reliability for PCBs Under Thermal Stress

The Evolution of UV Curable Conformal Coatings

Protect Yourself Against Counterfeit Conformal Coatings

Complete Guide to Viscosity: Part 1

Masking Before Parylene Conformal Coating

b* Stability Explained: Nobody Wants a Yellow LCD Display

Avoiding Bubbles in LOCA During the Assembly of LCD Displays

Eliminate HAZE & Bring Renewed Clarity to LCD Screens with Improved LOCA Adhesives

New Bladder Bag Packaging

UV20GEL - Designed to Provide Protection Against Vibration & Mechanical Shock in Electronic Devices

LED-Curable Conformal Coatings: The Green Approach to PCB Protection

Conformal Coating Your PCBs: How to Prepare for the New 2020 Chinese VOC Limitations

Significance of Accelerated Weathering Exposure in the Design of LOCA

Conformal Coating Packaging Options: We Can Help You Decide

How to Make Sure That Your Conformal Coating Actually Conforms

Advantages & Characteristics of LED Curable Conformal Coatings

Electric Vehicles: Polymers for Performance, Reliability, & Protection

Protective Coatings and Polymers for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electronics

How to Calculate the Cost of Conformal Coating on a PCB?

Understanding the Importance of the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate of Conformal Coatings

What is PCB Surface Energy and How Does It Affect Conformal Coating

The Potential Cost of NOT Conformal Coating Your PCB

Protective Gels: The Next Level of Protection for Your PCBs

Masking Before Conformal Coating My PCB: What Are My Options?

Thinners for Conformal Coatings: The Basics of What, When, and How

How to Avoid Orange Peel Appearance in Your Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating Quality + Reputation = Reliability for Your PCB

Limitations of Nano-Coatings for PCBs

When and How to Clean/Flush Selective Coating Equipment

Aromatic-Free Conformal Coatings: What Are My Options?

Get on the Right Wavelength with LED Curable Conformal Coatings

Are You Making This Mistake When Evaluating Conformal Coating Costs?

The Importance of The Conformal Coating Thickness

5 Tips to Detect Counterfeit Conformal Coating Products*

Optimizing Conformal Coating Flow Rates to Save Time and Money

Alternatives to Silicone Conformal Coatings Exist

4 Tips to Successfully Apply Two-Component Epoxy Adhesives

Improve Precision and Reduce Time When Removing Conformal Coatings

5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Bubbles in Potting Encapsulants

A Quick Guide to Understand IPC-CC-830B Qualification Standard

How to Save Time & Money Measuring the Right Amount of Viscosity

How Best to Protect PCB Mounted Components from Vibration

Simple Steps to Ensure Proper Wetting & Good Adhesion

What is a Wet Gauge and How to Measure Conformal Coating Thickness?

The Importance of Air Quality in Conformal Coating Process

Why Does LED Technology Require Conformal Coating?

How To Create Your Own Internal Conformal Coating Test Standard

3 Simple Solutions to Avoid Cobwebbing in your Application

Counterfeit Conformal Coatings are Costly for Everyone

Discovery of HumiSeal’s Ideal Customer

Three Simple Steps to Calibrate UV Oven

An Effortless Approach to Eliminate Bubbles in Conformal Coating Through Solvent Type and Product Selection

How to Achieve Long Term Conformal Coating Thermal Shock Resistance – It’s All About Selection!

Synthetic Rubber Conformal Coatings, Industry's Best Kept Secret, Until Now!

Easy Techniques to Abate Conformal Coating Wicking

Simple Steps to Resolve Conformal Coating Wetting Problems

Potting and Conformal Coating with 2C51 Two-Part Silicone

Straightforward Explanation of the MIL-I-46058C Specification for Conformal Coatings

Simple Recipe To Avoid Conformal Coating Blush

Simple Techniques to Avoid Bubbles in Conformal Coating

How to Establish UV Conformal Coating Curing Process in a Few Easy Steps

HumiSeal® Attending Productronica India with a Range of Conformal Coatings For All Market Sectors

HumiSeal® Achieves ISO/TS 16949 Certification

HumiSeal® UV500 Gains BMW QPL Acceptance

HumiSeal® Strengthens Support in Eastern Europe with New Appointment

HumiSeal® UV500 Approved by Ford for use on Automotive Electronic Systems

HumiSeal Enjoys a Successful SMT Nuremberg 2016 With Interest in Several Key Product Ranges

HumiSeal announces expansion of operation into India

HumiSeal attending AEMT Day in Italy

Chase Corporation Acquires Specialty Chemical Product Lines

HumiSeal® attending EFY India with a range of conformal coatings for all market sectors

HumiSeal® presenting at High-Reliability & Conformal Coating Conference

HumiSeal® uses Apex 2014 to showcase NEW UV conformal coating products

HumiSeal® uses Productronica 2013 to showcase Global launch of the next generation UV series conformal coatings

Humiseal® to launch NEW UV curing conformal coating products at Productronica 2013

September: Productronica India

Do you have a question for HumiSeal?

HumiSeal takes on fake businesses in Asia to protect product quality and customers

HumiSeal® strengthens European presence with new Ireland distribution agreement

HumiSeal® to use Apex 2013 to showcase NEW product launches

HumiSeal® strengthens European presence with new UK distribution agreement

HumiSeal standardizes packaging globally as it continues to respond to the need for Globalization

Annual European Distributor Conference a resounding success for HumiSeal

HumiSeal® strengthens team with the appointment of key account manager

Keith Waryold interviewed at Productronica 2011

HumiSeal enjoys successful Productronica 2011

HumiSeal strengthens Global presence with new South American distribution agreement

HumiSeal® appoints new chief chemist in Europe

HumiSeal further strengthens team with the appointment of Global Business Unit Director

HumiSeal® strengthens European team with senior appointment

HumiSeal® announces annual European Distributor Conference a success

HumiSeal works with distributor in Italy on conformal coating training seminars

HumiSeal contributes to world’s first interactive conformal coating CD-ROM

HumiSeal to showcase new products and service announcements at SMT Nuremberg

HumiSeal continues to support customers’ applications with range of gel based coating products

HumiSeal continues to expand successful UV curing range

HumiSeal redefines conformal coating selection with launch of industry leading website

HumiSeal experiences sharp increase in conformal coating sales in the telecoms sector

Military certification for HumiSeal’s UV40 range

HumiSeal® marks further global expansion with new South African distribution agreement

HumiSeal® strengthens European presence with new Italian distribution agreement

HumiSeal publishes comprehensive facts and data book on conformal coating

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