HumiSeal® to use Apex 2013 to showcase NEW product launches

Posted by, Inc. on Jun 9, 2013 3:24:32 PM

HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer and distributor, has announced that it will use the Apex 2013 event in San Diego as a platform to launch a number of new products to the Global market designed to diversify its portfolio base and address the growing trend of selective coating, high temperature applications. The company has been working hard developing a range of new products that align with its popular existing portfolio aimed at meeting the requirements of the ever increasing stringent test and operating conditions faced by manufacturers in all industries. Visitors to the company’s booth (booth 2102) will be able to see first hand the benefits these latest products deliver.


Amongst the new products that are being launched are a range of silicone based coatings 1C63, 1C49LVF and 1C49HVF

  • 1C63 – Single part for ease of use, 1C63 is VOC free, dual cure UV/RTV material that facilitates rapid processing and automation and is specifically designed for complex circuit boards. It is UL746E approved making it ideal for a broad spectrum of indoor and outdoor applications and is compatible to sensitive metals thanks to the absence of corrosive cure by-products.
  • 1C49LVF and 1C49HVF (low viscosity, high viscosity respectively) are also single part for ease of use but are suitable for higher temperature environments up to 140°C (UL Thermal Index 140C T1)
    All of the new silicone products also feature a UV tracer element making optical inspection easier by fluorescing under UV light.


The highly successful UV40 product has been expanded to include UV40-Solar which was initially formulated specifically for photovoltaic (PV) applications due to its enhanced UV stability, is finding more use in other temperature and chemically resistant applications so that it does not discolor or degrade over time. The product is especially suited to the white goods market such as washing machines, tumble dryers and other kitchen appliances. Applications that use LED’s and High Density LED also benefit from UV40-Solar properties.


The new generation of masking products, HumiTape, is an entirely new range designed to address many of the common issues surrounding the use of masking products. This second generation of product follows extensive R&D trials and tests to ensure that it meets the exacting standards required when being used with conformal coatings. Available in either standard or custom sizes they are extremely versatile. They are silicone free, anti-static and extremely easy to apply and remove leaving no residue on the substrate.

Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director for HumiSeal, summed up why this year’s event will be so important:
“The electronics industry continues to go through some challenging times and it is vital that we are able to stay ahead of emerging technologies in this dynamic sector to ensure we offer our customers a sustainable competitive advantage. Our investment in new technology and product research means that we can offer real solutions from across the chemistry spectrum ensuring we continue to supply conformal coatings globally that are capable of increasing the reliability and performance of the end use device ”.

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