HumiSeal contributes to world’s first interactive conformal coating CD-ROM

Posted by, Inc. on Aug 21, 2009 12:59:59 PM

Leading manufacturer of conformal coatings solutions, HumiSeal has announced the launch of the world’s first interactive CD-ROM dedicated to conformal coating. Working as part of a collaboration of companies (Gen3 Systems and SCH Technologies) and industry expert, Bob Willis, the CD-ROM provides a simple guide to the use of coatings, their application processes, product benefits, inspection and quality control.

The use of conformal coatings has provided many benefits to the industry for a number of years, both in the high reliability market sector or where products have to deal with extreme environmental conditions. In recent years, due to changes in technology and miniaturisation, coatings are seeing significant growth in different industries such as telecommunications, automotive and consumer products. Mobile phones and other professional handheld products have benefited from the use of selective coating for environmental protection and robustness.

A practical interactive defect guide also allows users to see defect coating application and user defects. A unique feature of the interactive disk is engineers answering the most common questions on coating processes, process defects and quality control in manufacture. This section features six experts on coating from around the world and also contributors to national and international standards on coating with IEC and IPC.

The first 20 companies ordering the interactive CD-ROM will also receive a set of inspection and quality control wall charts on conformal coating for shop floor display. A video introduction to the Coating CD-ROM can be viewed at

Commenting on the production of this useful tool, David Greenman, managing director for HumiSeal Europe, said:
“I believe that this will be an important resource to help engineers understand some of the common issues surrounding conformal coatings and their application. The opportunity to work with Bob and the teams from Gen3 and SCH has been of great value and we believe that the resulting CD-ROM is testament to the effort that everyone has put into its production”.

CD-Roms are priced at £99.00 each excluding local taxes and delivery.

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