Counterfeit Conformal Coatings: A Real Problem with Real Consequences

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Oct 5, 2023 11:58:19 AM
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Failure of electronic components due to the use of counterteit conformal coatings

Counterfeit conformal coatings have infiltrated the electronics industry, posing a significant threat to device reliability. These counterfeit coatings may look like genuine products, but they lack the quality and protective properties required for electronic applications. Here are some reasons why counterfeit conformal coatings are causing failures:

  1. Inferior Quality: Counterfeit conformal coatings are often manufactured using substandard materials and processes. They may lack the necessary chemical resistance and dielectric properties, rendering them ineffective in protecting electronic components. 
  2. Lack of Consistency: Genuine conformal coatings adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring uniform thickness and coverage. Counterfeits, on the other hand, often exhibit inconsistencies, leading to weak spots and inadequate protection. 
  3. Short Lifespan: Counterfeit coatings tend to degrade quickly, leaving electronic components exposed to environmental hazards. This can result in premature failure and costly repairs or replacements. 
  4. Hidden Health and Safety Risks: Counterfeit coatings may contain harmful substances or impurities that can pose health and safety risks to workers during application and throughout the product's lifecycle. 


How to Avoid Counterfeit Conformal Coatings 

To prevent application failures caused by counterfeit conformal coatings, consider the following precautions: 

  1. Source from Trusted Suppliers: Purchase conformal coatings from reputable suppliers with a track record of providing quality materials. Verify the authenticity of the products through certifications and documentation. You can always consult HumiSeal’s official distributors
  2. Thorough Testing and Inspection: Conduct rigorous testing and inspection of conformal coatings before application. This includes measuring thickness, chemical resistance, and dielectric properties to ensure they meet your application's requirements. 
  3. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with industry developments and counterfeit trends. Share information within your organization to raise awareness about the risks associated with counterfeit conformal coatings. Check periodically our blogs
  4. Employee Training: Train your staff to recognize counterfeit conformal coatings and report suspicious products. Encourage a culture of vigilance within your organization. 

Unauthorized Distributors: The Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame

To help you identify these counterfeit products we have created these unauthorized distributors, and they can be found in the “Wall of Shame”. 



While conformal coatings are essential for protecting electronic components in various applications, the infiltration of counterfeit products into the market has become a concerning issue. Failures in electronic applications can often be traced back to the use of counterfeit conformal coatings, which lack the quality and protective properties of genuine products.

To avoid costly failures and maintain the reliability of your electronic devices, it is crucial to source conformal coatings from trusted suppliers, conduct thorough testing, and stay vigilant against counterfeit threats. By taking these precautions, you can ensure the long-term success and performance of your electronic applications. 

All authorized distributors for HumiSeal products can be found on the HumiSeal website here:  

If you suspect something is not right with your supplier or you are buying HumiSeal branded products from a supplier that is not listed, please contact HumiSeal.Contact Us

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