HumiSeal continues to support customers’ applications with range of gel based coating products

Posted by, Inc. on Mar 2, 2009 12:04:24 PM

Leading manufacturer of conformal coatings solutions, HumiSeal continues to establish its position with the announcement that it has developed and introduced a gel version of its highly successful UV40. The company has also announced that following successful application throughout Europe, it will be making its gel version of the acrylic based 1B31 and urethane based 1A33 coatings available to US and Asian customers. These thixatropic versions of existing products lend themselves to applications that require avoiding ‘keep out’ areas on assemblies during selective conformal coating application, as well as sealing connectors to prevent ingress of coating material.

UV40 gel has been specifically formulated for some specialist large scale LED (light emitting diode) applications. One such application is the massive LED displays that can often be seen above stadiums during sporting events. The displays are carried on hot air balloons or blimps where exposure to the elements is severe and yet weight remains an issue. Manufacturers realised that a light weight alternative to hermetically sealed housings was needed for the electronic circuitry but it had to be robust enough to withstand the rigours of extremes in UV exposure, lightening strikes and moisture ingress from rain. UV40 gel is applied in conjunction with standard UV40 product around sensitive areas of the circuit board to increase the thickness of covering. This can be as thick as 1mm, nearly ten times the normal thickness of a conformal coating.

1B31 and 1A33 gels has been engineered to ensure that they do not flow from the point of dispense, a property that some manufacturers find crucial in today’s environment of high board density and reduced real estate. The product has already been successfully used throughout Europe by manufacturers across the industry. The product is lends itself to automated selective coating applications but can also be used manually where necessary. Customers using this gel version have been able to reliably coat components whilst simultaneously avoiding sensitive keep out areas such as connectors.

Phil Kinner, business director for HumiSeal, commented on these new gels:
“Ensuring that conformal coating materials are only deposited where required whilst avoiding other more sensitive areas is becoming increasingly more difficult as technology allows us to design smaller and more densely populated assemblies. By introducing these gel products to the market we can help customers meet reliability and performance targets for the life of the product. The application on the blimps means that the customer now can remove the need for heavy weatherproof housings without compromising performance. These products also allow customers to deploy dam and fill coating techniques around selected components by building a dam of the gel product around the device and then filling with standard conformal coating product”.

Manufactured and available globally, HumiSeal’s range of gel products are the result of its ongoing work in continuously improve and develop sector-specific products that reflect its clients’ needs in a real and competitive world.

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