HumiSeal continues to expand successful UV curing range

Posted by, Inc. on Jan 28, 2009 12:08:40 PM

Leading vendor of conformal coatings solutions, HumiSeal® has expanded its highly successful UV40 product with the introduction of three additional product lines. These product derivatives are designed to exhibit the unique performance characteristics of UV40 but have been further developed to make them tailored to industry and application specific sectors. These new products are UV40-250 for the automotive and industrial controls sectors, UV40HV designed for the high density, fine line applications and UV40-solar designed to protect photo-voltaic cells, particularly photovoltaic cell types known as CPV (Concentrator Photo Voltaic) technology

UV40-HV is a high viscosity version of the standard UV40 product and is supplied in 55cc syringes making it easier for automatic application onto small, high-density, fine line printed circuit boards. HumiSeal as seen significant uptake for this product offering in the mobile phone and PDA industries where precision selective coating is crucial.

UV40-Solar has been specifically formulated for photovoltaic (PV) applications. Although the standard product already exhibits excellent UV stability under normal applications, the intense exposure to sunlight that PV products are exposed to by default it was important to develop an enhanced version that was able to withstand this extreme operating environment. The new formulation stabilises the coating for prolonged exposure to sunlight so that it does not discolour or degrade over time. It is designed to meet SAE-J-1960 and QUV accelerated age testing and is designed primarily to protect the type of photovoltaic cell type known as concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology. This is new technology and has the advantage of being much smaller but at the same time providing lower cost and higher efficiencies than standard PV cells.

UV40-250 was designed to meet the requirements of the very demanding automotive industry. It is one of the most challenging sectors for conformal coatings, primarily for the harsh conditions and extreme thermal cycling to which the coatings are continually exposed. No less challenging are its new product qualification processes, whose length and expense mean that manufacturers must be convinced of the benefits of any new product prior to embarking on its qualification. Thoroughly convinced by UV40, a number of automotive manufacturers have worked for months with HumiSeal to qualify UV40 for their processes. The robust nature of this product has also made it extremely effective in the industrial controls market.

Sales of HumiSeal’s UV40 range of UV curing products has seen significant growth since its introduction in 2005, as electronics manufacturers around the world discover the benefits of using them in their medium and high-volume manufacturing processes. These benefits include:

  • Snap cure
  • Fast cycle times and throughput
  • Industry-beating elasticity eliminating cracking during thermal cycling
  • Thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance
  • VOC free enabling compliance with increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

Manufactured and available globally, HumiSeal’s range of UV40 products are the result of its ongoing work in continuously improving and developing sector-specific products that reflect its clients’ real needs in a real and competitive world.

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