HumiSeal® uses Apex 2014 to showcase NEW UV conformal coating products

Posted by Humiseal Editor on Mar 14, 2014 9:33:31 AM

HumiSeal®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of conformal coatings has announced that it will use the Apex 2014 event in Las Vegas, 25th to 27th March 2014, as a platform to showcase its NEW UV conformal coating products. The company continues to invest in technology, and as a result, will be introducing two new series of UV materials - UV50 and UV500. These new products mark a significant milestone in the ability of coatings to meet the increasing demands placed on more challenging performance standards, especially in the automotive industry. Visitors to the HumiSeal booth (1424) will be able to hear first hand just how far conformal coatings have come as HumiSeal again sets the benchmark.

These new UV products continue to leverage our expertise in this technology platform – as demonstrated through the success of our UV40 suite of conformal coating products. Following extensive R&D, both the UV50 and UV500 products have been developed to significantly increase performance and to meet or exceed the stringent test requirements that are found in the electronics industry today.

UV50 research and development effort focused on many aspects of the coating’s performance which created improved wetting, electrical, and thermo-mechanical properties.   UV50 displays greatly improved compatibility with applications produced in a no-clean processes or where low surface energy substrates are an issue.  The new product displays improved thermal shock performance making it more resilient to extreme operating conditions.  Furthermore, UV50 is compatible with high-speed airless application systems which help to increase throughput and reduce manufacturing cycle times.

UV500 has been designed to deliver superior performance in several categories over first generation UV coating systems.    UV500 displays SIR/MIR performance unlike any other coating in today’s market.   At elevated operating temperatures, UV500 exhibits best in class performance illustrated in such test regimes as long term thermal shock/cycling.   Finally, the product provides excellent protection against long-term exposure to high moisture environments.  UV500 can also be easily repaired/reworked.

Further information on HumiSeal’s range of UV products can be found online at:

Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director for HumiSeal, commented:

“The launch of UV50 and UV500 is the outcome of our sustained commitment to R&D investment.  This next generation platform of UV technology continues to demonstrate our desire to maintain our technology leadership in conformal coating.  While the UV line of products continues to lead this market space, the new UV50 and UV500 will meet and exceed the increased reliability requirements faced in SMT assembly.  Our focus is and will remain to provide leading edge solutions and advancements in conformal coating technologies.”

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