A Quick Guide to Understand IPC-CC-830B Qualification Standard

Posted by Vlad David on Mar 28, 2018 11:30:00 AM
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Picture1-26-2.pngIPC CC-830 revision B is a conformal coating qualification standard mostly used by board fabricators, OEM design engineers, and coatings suppliers.  

There are two fundamental uses of this IPC standard:

  • Coatings’ performance capabilities
  • Quality consistency

In this blog, we will go over some of the specifications along with tests requirements, passing criteria, and quality characteristics.

What is IPC-CC-830B?

The IPC CC-830 revision B was developed as a commercial alternative to the MIL-I-46058C specification which was made inactive in November 1998.  

Also read:  Explanation of the MIL-I-46058C Specification for Conformal Coatings

When testing under IPC-CC-830B standards, the outcome is utilized as a confirmation that the coating meets the base performance level disclosed in the specification. Some of these performance attributes are:

  • Protection from moisture
  • Contamination
  • Electrical insulation

For the IPC-CC-830B standard, conformal coating materials are categorized into the following types:

AR — Acrylic

ER — Epoxy

SR — Silicone

UR — Polyurethane

XY— Paraxylylene

The upcoming revision of IPC-CC-830, Revision C, will include two additional types of the coatings:

  1. UT – Ultra-Thin Coatings: for special applications where the coating thickness does not exceed 12 microns
  2. SC – Styrenic Copolymer: with superior flexibility and higher operating temperature than the standard acrylics and urethanes conformal coatings 

What's The Test Procedure? 

The IPC-CC-830 standard is a self-certification, which means that it can be performed by an independent testing laboratory or by the coating manufacturer. 

The standard uses the following test procedures and most of the tests are conducted using the IPC-B-25A test board. (See Figure 1 Above)



Pass/Fail Criteria

Visual inspection

On glass plate under white and black (UV) light

Coating must have uniform appearance and consistency


On glass plate under black (UV) light

Coating must fluoresce under UV black light (typical wavelength 365nm)

Fungus resistance

IPC-TM-650 section on glass plate

Not attacked by biological growth

UL 94 test strip for flammability

UL 94 HB

Must meet a minimum horizontal burning test


IPC-TM-650 section on tin panel

No evidence of cracking or crazing of the cured coating

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

IPC-TM-650 section on IPC-B-25A Test Board

No disruptive discharge, sparkover, or breakdown.   Max 10 uAmps leakage rate

Moisture and Insulation Resistance

IPC-TM-650 section on IPC-B-25A


Minimum 500MΩ for ER and 5GΩ for all other types after exposure to humidity within 1-2hours of exposure

Thermal Shock

IPC-TM-650 section on IPC-B-25A

Appearance and Dielectric Withstand Voltage after testing must meet the above-mentioned passing levels

Temperature and Humidity Aging

IPC-TM-650 section on ‘‘Y Panel” test coupon

No evidence of softening, tack, cracking, loss of adhesion, or reversion

As part of the qualifications, the IPC-CC-830 includes quality characteristics that assure the user of batch to batch consistency.   Material quality requirements include visual inspection, retention, viscosity, and FTIR.   Furthermore, changes to the coating’s formula of more than 2% (non-volatile content only) constitute a product change, and as a result, must be renamed as a new coating material and subsequently requalified.  

Conformal coatings continue to be a vital part of the protection for electronic assemblies.   The IPC-CC-830 (current and future editions) provide users a certain level of confidence that the coating will have the quality consistency, physical characteristics, and the protection levels required by today’s electronics.   The IPC committee for conformal coatings meets on regular basis and welcomes new members.  

For further information, please contact HumiSeal technical support. We are always happy to help.


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