Discovery of HumiSeal’s Ideal Customer

Posted by Christian Silahian on May 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM
Christian Silahian

Dear customer, thank you for many years of patronage and for your continuous support to HumiSeal conformal coating products. To celebrate you, the customer, we would like to share some findings of our internal survey. The objective was to find the characteristics of our ideal customer, those whom we have had the most success. 

We found that the ideal customer has many faces, needs, and unique characteristics; however, there is a common thread to all. These common attributes provide a successful partnership.  

The key similarities and traits of the HumiSeal ideal customer are:

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  • Willingness to learn and strive for solutions in a collaborative fashion
  • Ability to anticipate future trends and needs within the market and their environment
  • Ability to solve problems through a healthy combination of practical and advanced analytical techniques
  • Articulates clear criteria for success. Technical and commercial standards are defined at the beginning of the engagement. 
  • Open to suggestions, while at the same time willing to educate us on their discrete areas of expertise
  • Strong communication skills during any technical and commercial problem resolution  
  • Dedicated to find the most suitable solution to their electronic protection needs and also be open to new technologies in order to achieve the desired goal
  • Appreciates HumiSeal's integrity, technical expertise, quality, specification acceptance, and robust supply chain
  • Performs testing and analyzes data in a true and independent fashion


 Humiseal Corporate Brochure


HumiSeal’s continued success is based on client collaboration, in combination with the ability to assess the mega trends in the industry which enable HumiSeal to continue to develop new products to solve conformal coating and electronics protection challenges. 

In the coming months new names will become part of the family. Don't be affraid of the new names that you may not know. These new products will be built under the same guiding principles used for products that you already know. Products that have withstood years of testing such as 1A33, 1B31, 1B73, and 1B51. 

These new products will be UV500, UV50LV, UV40, 1B78, 1C48, and 1B59 line up.  

Our ideal customer has the patience to listen and learn what these new products have to offer while balancing the time to provide us with valuable feedback. The ability to listen and respond to your development needs, requests, and requirements, is something we cherish and we see it as a vital element to continue as the market leader in electronic protection technologies.   

At HumiSeal, we tried to articulate the attributes of the ideal customer. By revisiting this process, it will allow us to better serve you.  

HumiSeal is often imitated but never replicated. We are extremely proud and humbled to be able to support our clients in a diverse number of industries and markets around the world.  As a global company, we are always happy to help, and thank you for the opportunity to continue to work with you on all your conformal coating and electronic protection needs.



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