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When and How to Clean/Flush Selective Coating Equipment

Posted by Matt Eveline on Aug 8, 2019 11:59:31 AM

Much time and planning are invested in the choice of the ideal conformal coating material and process to adequately protect your printed circuit boards. This often includes multiple qualification trials. There is also what can be long and detailed testing in areas such as electrical performance, flame resistance, and thermal or mechanical cycling. Unfortunately, the qualification and testing process for conformal coatings is simply a snapshot of the process at the start. In order to maintain consistency, there remains an often-overlooked activity: regular cleaning and flushing of your selective conformal coating equipment.

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3 Simple Ways to Remove HumiSeal UV Conformal Coatings

Posted by Matt Eveline on Aug 15, 2017 11:00:00 AM

This blog post outlines the techniques required for the removal of HumiSeal UV cure conformal coating. The products covered in this article are:

  • UV40, UV40-250
  • UV50LV
  • UV500, UV500LV

There are 3 methods for the removal of HumiSeal UV conformal coatings:

  1. Mechanical removal: Powder Micro Abrasion
  2. Thermal removal: Burn Through
  3. Chemical removal

All three methods will effectively remove the coating, depending on the process requirements, to allow individual component replacement and subsequent re-coating.

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Topics: Conformal Coatings, Humiseal, Micro Abrasion

3 Simple Solutions to Avoid Cobwebbing in your Application

Posted by Matt Eveline on May 31, 2017 9:18:44 AM

So, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time setting up your conformal coating process only to observe the dreaded cobwebbing effect once you start applying the material. Well, in this blog post, I’m going to run through the common root causes and provide some simple solutions you can take to get you back to applying your coating in a defect free manner.

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Three Simple Steps to Calibrate UV Oven

Posted by Matt Eveline on Apr 6, 2017 6:01:00 AM

Have you ever wondered if your UV oven is performing up to specification?   Has your UV curable conformal coating come out of the oven tacky?  Today I’d like to take a few minutes to write about the importance of calibrating your UV oven to ensure you are getting the most out of our UV conformal coatings.  Setting up and optimizing your UV oven is a simple process that can be accomplished in three easy steps.  Here’s what you’ll need to get yourself started!

  • Conformal coating technical data sheet (TDS)
  • UV radiometer (calibrated and certified)

That’s it!  You only need these two items to successfully test and optimize your UV oven whether you are using a benchtop or inline UV curing system.  



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