Maximum Durability and Flexibility: UV550 LED-Curing Conformal Coating

Posted by Dan Griffin on Jul 31, 2023 11:49:08 AM
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Conformal coating technology is on a continuous path of improvement, and we're excited to say the latest step on that path just happened. UV550 is the most recent innovation from HumiSeal, continuing the trend of industry-defining capabilities in the conformal coating space. This is to be expected from the original inventors of conformal coating material. But what sets UV550 apart from the rest?

Let's discuss how the ever-changing requirements of the automotive and white market space fueled the thresholds this uv-curable material attains, especially with regard to its durability under the most extreme thermal and mechanical cycling conditions.  


Increasing Demands for PCB Coatings 

Our experience and canvassing of the automotive and white goods markets resulted in a consistent refrain from OEMs: there was a need for improvements in both thermal and mechanical performance in PCBs and coatings. Thermal cycling tests specifically have advanced from as few as 10 cycles to current requirements in the thousands of cycles. In some cases, these cycles have also become faster and more extreme in their rate of change and exposure. 

Advances in the demands of thermal cycling and mechanical shock revealed the potential for problems under certain conditions. Many current conformal coatings are at risk for delamination or cracking without the tightest of production controls of thickness and curing. While it remained possible to meet the more demanding testing, there was a universal desire for a wider and more forgiving processing range in the coating process. 

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HumiSeal UV550 

HumiSeal UV550 is a solvent-free, UV-curable elastomeric acrylate conformal coating. The coating exhibits our highest performance to date regarding thermal and mechanical shock testing when compared to previous generation UV curable conformal coatings. It has shown the capability to withstand and resist cracking under 1000 or more cycles of thermal shock in standard testing protocols.  

Previous generation UV coatings provide excellent protection for PCBs and electronics, but have limitations due to their somewhat hard and brittle composition. HumiSeal UV550 was designed to retain the superior protective properties of traditional UV coatings but with the ability to remain soft, flexible, and resistant to cracking under ever-increasing numbers of thermal and mechanical shock cycles.  

UV550 is compliant with key worldwide environmental standards including RoHS Directive EU 2015/863, China RoHS 2, and China Standard GB30981-2020.  

In addition, unlike previous generation UV curables, UV550 can be cured by safer and often less expensive single-wavelength LED lights. 


Potential Markets 

HumiSeal UV550 is a suitable alternative for nearly all typical markets utilizing traditional or UV conformal coatings. It is potentially of particular value in markets where fast curing speeds, chemical resistance, or high cycle number thermal and mechanical shock may be encountered. These include:

  • Automotive PCBs 
  • Appliance/White Goods PCBs 
  • EV Charging or Batteries 
  • Aerospace  

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Thermal and mechanical shock requirements for PCBs are expected to continue to increase in demand in key industries including automotive and white goods (among others). The ideal protective coatings will combine superb protection, high throughput capability, and resistance to cracking under cycling conditions. HumiSeal UV550 is the latest product in the HumiSeal UV curable line and has been tested to meet these exact needs.  

As a supplier of all major forms and chemistries of conformal coatings, Chase Corporation and HumiSeal® can help you with an unbiased approach to evaluating your application and process. We’ll show you how to maximize efficiency, minimize cost, and improve product reliability. Our outstanding manufacturing and technical support groups can provide your organization with reliable global supply, unmatched quality, and superior technical support. 

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