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How to Achieve Long Term Conformal Coating Thermal Shock Resistance – It’s All About Selection!

Posted by Nick Naumovic on Feb 27, 2017 7:01:00 AM

Figure 1: Thermally induced cracking in conformal coating

Does your conformal coating require long term thermal shock testing?   Do you struggle to overcome cracking and adhesion loss with your current conformal coating after 1000 thermal shock cycles?   With the drive for increasing functionality for end devices, and increased life cycles being placed on all electronic assemblies, the need to have materials endure more stringent testing becomes increasingly vital.  Necessary robustness to these stringent conditions force suppliers like HumiSeal to innovate new material solutions to address these requirements.

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Easy Techniques to Abate Conformal Coating Wicking

Posted by Nick Naumovic on Jan 11, 2017 12:24:26 PM

Have you ever experienced uncontrolled conformal coating migration?   Have you had to strip your recently coated boards because conformal coating wicked into non-desired keep out zones?   Wicking is a phen

omenon caused by a combination of low surface tension coating, which is usually characterized by low viscosity, cou

pled with strong capillary forces generated by low standoff gaps possessed by the SMT process.   Wicking into connectors; onto grounding hole; or under sensitive components will create defects that will have to be reworked, as it may cause reliability concerns with the finished product, which we will describe in detail.   There are ways to either reduce and/or eliminate wicking issues through decisions made during preparation, application, and conformal coating selection.    

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Simple Recipe To Avoid Conformal Coating Blush

Posted by Nick Naumovic on Oct 27, 2016 4:36:33 PM

Your conformal coating film is supposed to be clear and transparent, but it’s cloudy-white and dull…it’s BLUSHING.  This condition is an indication that your coating film is trying to tell you something, and it isn’t that it’s embarrassed.  This blog will help you better understand why your conformal coating film is blushing from acquired moisture contamination and help you eliminate this defect.


Coatings appear cloudy because they have inadvertently acquired moisture, either due to their hygroscopic nature or by artificial means (a cooling mechanism created by solvent evaporation), which then reacts negatively with the coating resin -  exhibiting itself as a milky, colloidal-type substance.  Many different types of conformal coating chemistries can be sensitive to blushing under certain circumstances.  These circumstances are usually related to specific ambient conditions, application, cure, condition of the assembly/substrate/associated components, storage environment and/or equipment under use.


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