What is a Wet Gauge and How to Measure Conformal Coating Thickness?

The application of the conformal coating in a uniform and consistent coverage is a key challenge that defines the reliability of the finished product.

A thin coating will provide inadequate protection against corrosion or insulation between conductors. Conversely, if the conformal coating is too thick, it will increase the risk of forming other types of coating defects such as bubbles,...

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The Importance of Air Quality in Conformal Coating Process

One of the basic components used in most automatic or semi-automatic conformal coating processes is compressed air.  Pressurized air moves the liquid coating from the tank, through the hoses and the valves onto the PCB.  Since the pressurized air makes direct contact with the conformal coating, there are critical properties that must be taken into consideration, especially with moisture...

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3 Simple Ways to Remove HumiSeal UV Conformal Coatings

This blog post outlines the techniques required for the removal of HumiSeal UV cure conformal coating. The products covered in this article are:

  • UV40, UV40-250
  • UV50LV
  • UV500, UV500LV

There are 3 methods for the removal of HumiSeal UV conformal coatings:

  1. Mechanical removal: Powder Micro Abrasion
  2. Thermal removal: Burn Through
  3. Chemical removal

All three methods will effectively remove the...

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Why Does LED Technology Require Conformal Coating?

ENERGY STAR, The United States Environmental Protection Agency program that provides certification to buildings and consumer products which meet certain standards of energy efficiency, defines what a LED light is.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current passed through them. LEDs are a type of Solid State Lighting (SSL),...

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How To Create Your Own Internal Conformal Coating Test Standard

How do you select and test a conformal coating that is right for your specific application? Or maybe you would like to create your own test specification due to any special characteristics of your device’s operating environment? Or depending on your geographical location, you may also be required to use a different testing specification that is dictated by local authorities.

A widely used...

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Easy Steps to Avoid Silicone Conformal Coating Wrinkling

A common defect that HumiSeal technical support deals with on regular basis is the wrinkling of high solids RTV silicone conformal coatings. If you are or have struggled with this issue in the past, this blog post will help you understand why this might be happening and what to do to correct it.

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3 Simple Solutions to Avoid Cobwebbing in your Application

So, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time setting up your conformal coating process only to observe the dreaded cobwebbing effect once you start applying the material. Well, in this blog post, I’m going to run through the common root causes and provide some simple solutions you can take to get you back to applying your coating in a defect free manner.

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Counterfeit Conformal Coatings are Costly for Everyone

The counterfeit of electronic materials is nothing new in the industry. There are numerous sources of these fraudulent practices and they come in various forms. However, the most important aspect is the cost that these forged coatings have on users.

It is known and well documented that in today’s electronics industry there are some PCB board components that may come from manufacturer scraps,...

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Discovery of HumiSeal’s Ideal Customer

Dear customer, thank you for many years of patronage and for your continuous support to HumiSeal conformal coating products. To celebrate you, the customer, we would like to share some findings of our internal survey. The objective was to find the characteristics of our ideal customer, those whom we have had the most success. 

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Three Simple Steps to Calibrate UV Oven

Have you ever wondered if your UV oven is performing up to specification?   Has your UV curable conformal coating come out of the oven tacky?  Today I’d like to take a few minutes to write about the importance of calibrating your UV oven to ensure you are getting the most out of our UV conformal coatings.  Setting up and optimizing your UV oven is a simple process that can be accomplished in...

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